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Xapads ties up with revolutionary Video Ad Mangement Network, SpringServe

The Video Advertisement is being quoted as the biggest revolution in the world of advertising. It can boost both brand awareness and engagement. US Digital Video Advertising is expected to nearly double by 2020. With expectations like these, video seems unstoppable.

As more and more advertisers & publishers are opting for Video Ads, issues like low fills & high frauds is also increasing . We at Xapads understand the potential and the problems attached to video ad delivery, so to capitalize the ad spend perfectly we have tied up with the market pioneer SpringServe.

SpringServe is a market leader when it comes to video ad serving. Its predictive algorithms and machine learning technology promises smooth video ad delivery with precise targeting, maximum fills & effective fraud control. SpringServe’s actionable analytics gives detailed reporting which helps in better optimisation of the campaigns. When it comes to fraud detection, it boasts of some of the best tools available digital space like Whiteops, Moat, IAS.

Xapads believes that transparency and better control to advertisers & publishers is essential and this tie-up is a step towards increasing these. With our collaboration we believe our advertisers & publishers will get complete control and transparency.

With SpringServe integration of Moat the real time analytics also boost the ad performance garnering better revenue from media sales. This real time optimization ensures a chance to perfect your target audience, Non-Human traffic detection and an insight into the audience you are reaching.

White Ops is also a part of SpringServe and the most deterministic technology which identifies invalid traffic. This technology blocks out fraudulent traffic and bots in the first few minutes and last year it blocked a massive 28 Million bit requests which saved $500 million in ad spend.

With this tie-up Xapads aims to be the forerunner in providing precision in the digital ecosystem to clients worldwide.