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Life at Xapads

It is that indomitable spirit that defines an endless drive for excellence that molds us, an evolving culture that integrates us here at Xapads.

The Ethos that we follow

Team Xapads

For us, work is an amalgamation of passion coupled with the urge to grow. But, then every other organization claims to possess these virtues, but for us these are not just flamboyant words on the page, but the essence of our working environment. For us the path we tread upon is as important as the eventual destination.

Work Pressure? What is it…?

No Work Pressure

The environment that we believe in is as much about relaxing, as about extracting the best possible out of our employees, for we believe in helping them grow, and feel a part of the organization. Our biggest assets are our clients, and we pride ourselves on being Industry’s leading & most innovative ad serving technology.

Equal share of fun

Share of Fun at Xapads

The bullish approach towards maintaining the required standards does not prevent us from having our due of fun and enjoyment. For us work is just an extended break; and team-work is of utmost importance.

Snacks… 1..2..3…4.. times!!


Work is a voyage for us, and any expedition is incomplete without food, and brunches. We love to do parties everyday with or without reason.

All religion.. any festival.. we all celebrate it here…

Celebrations at Xapads

Also, we need reasons to party, and for us every festival is just an excuse, we define the secular fabric of our nation. Religion is just peace for us.

The work and its flexibility…

True, we believe in extending best possible service to our clients, but have a very flexible work-timing, because we believe in balancing out the personal and professional life. This also helps in building accountability.

We can only hope to build relationships with our clients when there is a healthy camaraderie within the group. Perhaps the strong bonds that are formed is all because we are all passionate and we work as a cohesive unit to attain the common goal. We also do not shy away from pointing out mistakes, we are very receptive to the many suggestions made, for it is all for the common good.

Every person present in the organization is a vital cog, and we make sure that everyone believes in the principles of the organization.