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Key Trends in Recruitment: 2018

Human Resource plays a very vital role in developing a company with their style of operations. Every year new trends come in because the HR department has to solve various issues and challenges. There are one too many candidates out there and to select the right one is getting tougher.

Almost 92% of the recruiters use social media platforms to find the right candidate and referrals are also used by many organizations. One of the biggest tasks in HR field is recruitment. The process of recruitment involves many things like specifications of the job, how to pitch the candidates, screening, and selection of candidates and finally hiring the right person for the position.

With time these processes are changing. In 2017, the HR industry researched the culture and performance issues among companies. In the coming year, they will be focusing on the HR trends and the sole focus will be: Technology.
2018 is right here and some trends that will rule the HR section are:

• Mapping, headhunting, and poaching
• Innovative Interviewing tools
• Employer branding
• Investing in employees skills
• Automation screening to save time and reduce error in hiring process
• Becoming technology expert

1. Headhunting and mapping

This trend is expected to take an upswing from 2018. Talent mapping is the identification of talent by company, in a department or job role and profiling them. It is a powerful way to bulletproof talent acquisition. It aims to recruit people from specific teams at target companies. Now, you must be wondering how it is better than LinkedIn?

The information on LinkedIn is sometimes incomplete or out of date, that means many people have already changed jobs and companies. This creates a big lack in research and mapping of the target companies. Mapping makes a whole lot more sense than wasting time on inaccurate information. The advent of social media has made job searching a lot more than just posting your resumes on a career website.

2. Innovative interviewing tools

The key to great hiring is great sourcing. To find the right person for a job, there is a need to change hiring techniques. You must use innovative interviewing tools like: Ask the candidate to describe himself in 100 words, this highlights their creative ability to talk concisely. Group interview with team colleagues is also one of the options that you can go for.

3. Employer branding

Employer branding is a set of attributes and qualities that make an organization different from another and promises an employment experience and appeals people who will perform. Approximately 97% of the companies have invested in employer branding in 2017. To earn best hires in the upcoming year the companies should adopt these techniques of employer branding: Talent priority, Feedback loop, recruiting from social website.

4. Investing in employees skills

If you want to retain the top talent then you must invest in employee development. Retention of the employees is a hard task and investing on them makes a huge difference as it builds loyalty, brings new people, reduces attrition rates, and keeps employees engaged at work which increases their value too.

5. Automation screening

A powerful and essential recruitment tool which is used in the recruitment process is automated screening. Initially, it was viewed as an impossible task but today in the current market scenario it is flourishing. Automation branding provides a consistency, structure, and fairness to recruitment activities. It also improves the speed of application process and candidate communication. It facilitates human interaction as well. For a successful functioning of automation screening you just have to incorporate the right amount of automation into the recruitment process.

6. Be a technology expert

For a successful hiring process, you must be technology friendly and should be at par with all the latest technology trends that are being used in the HR department. Over the years technology has emerged as a tool to complete our daily tasks now, in 2018 technology will be analyzed as a way of life in the workplace.

With 2018 quickly approaching, we can say that these trends will create a huge impact on the HR industry and the recruitment process. Some of the trends are already working and some would soon be creating waves!