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Helping Employees Perfect the Work-Life Balance

Haven’t we all often heard the saying ‘all work no play, makes Jack a dull boy’. In the current scenario it holds true for most people who work away odd hours and try to manage their personal lives too. For many employees a work-life balance, especially in Indian work environment, is a distant dream. Many do not know how to get the perfect semblance and maintain their personal and professional life at the same time. Here are a few things we believe in and follow to make sure the work-life balance of our employees is perfected:

Work from home

Many organizations offer the facility of ‘Work from home’ to their employees. We all have ups and downs and when an organization understands that, it makes the life of an employee drastically easier. It is efficient as the employees can face the unexpected situation and manage their official duties.

Restrict working hours

Many companies have long working hours and scientists often say that this over-working makes employees dull and decreases their productivity. Restricting the time in office actually makes employees efficient in handling their tasks quicker and they also get adequate family time making it a win-win situation for both.

Focus on results over clocked hours

Sometimes, the goals for a better outcome push employees to leave an organization. Employers must understand that there is a need to focus on the outcome and successful results than a competition to stay back in office.

More break time

Making your employees work non-stop except a short lunch break is never going to do your company a favour. Many places believe in a short lunch break but this is unethical as employees are humans and need that unwinding time to work effectively. A two break system is ideal for your employees so that they can relax and cheer themselves up before the next task.

Extra time off for volunteer work

In all organizations, every employee has a pastime; a few employees love to participate in charitable pursuits or volunteer work to get that feeling of accomplishment. And many such people sadly move on when they do not get time to pursue something they feel so deeply about. There won’t be a big loss if employers give the extra time off to them for such activities.

Vacation policies are a must

From the employer’s point of view, work is important however, introducing a vacation policy gives employees the flexibility of planning a break and going out with their families. Hence maintaining the best Work-Life balance and the employees would get back to work refreshed and ready.

Paid Maternity/Paternity leaves

Becoming a parent is more important, especially to new couples, as compared to profession or money. And companies that are flexible about paid maternity/paternity leaves make an employee feel valued and instill a sense of loyalty in them.

Flexible hours

Often everyone has responsibilities at home and fixed timings make it difficult to manage that work-life equilibrium. Fixed timings often pressurize employees and flexible timings not only make your employee feel freer it makes them continue their family duties too before hitting the office and stressing about home. A more logistical way is to make a monthly log of the number of hours to be clocked over a daily scheduled.

Annual Trip

An annual trip offered by the company helps your employees bond over just work. They become a family of sorts for each other and it also helps break the ice with the superiors in the team in a relaxed environment.

What are the best policies your organization has that helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance?