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CEO Says: Xapads is all set for Dmexco 2017

The Dmexco is world’s most influential conference for the digital industry that stands for innovation and future oriented developments and trends for the Digi-economy. On September 13 and 14 2017, Dmexco will transform the Cologne city into the global digital marketing hub. Last year more than 50,700 visitors and over 1000 exhibitors attended the event and this year we expect this to go further.

We invite you to join us at the Xapads’ booth (Hall 7/A068) where we’ll have one-on-one discussions, live demos and series of talks about the latest advertising trends, over the cup of Coffee or German Beer. Let’s meet and explore how to stay at the top of digital transformation and find the solutions that are transmitting the programmatic landscape.

In a brief Q&A session with Xapads founder and CEO, Mr Nitin Gupta talks about the strategies and plans he have for Dmexco 2017

What are your expectations from Dmexco this year?

We have already launched our RTB Programmatic platform last year in Dmexco. This year we are concentrating on further strengthening our foot prints in Europe and other developed countries. We are also launching our Video SSP platform which adds to our current Programmatic suite, so focus will be on its sales.

What is your strategy for Dmexco 2017?

On the strategy part, a team of 11 guys is going over there which include sales, technical and publisher team. Our main focus will be to meet our current partners and meet new prospects. We already have over 250 meetings lined up, so concentration will be on closing as many possible. Finally, we will go to Paris for some leisure and quality time with the team.

Where Xapads stands this year in comparison to last year?

This year, we are expecting a good 100% pace which will be really good. Apart from that, we have invested heavily on the technical part. We initially started RTB at the base but now we have built a complete Eco-system that covers the Advertiser, Publishers, Vendors, Ad networks and everyone who wants to go programmatic and use our technology. By investing in technical part things changed tremendously.

As compared to India, How do you measure European Market?

India is less than three percent of the worldwide Ad-spend but when it comes to International markets especially the US and Europe there’s different story altogether. The USA is 55-60% of the whole Advertisement business while European markets capture 30 percent of the total business which is 10 times bigger as compared to India. The Digital Industry is much advanced and valued there. The Products that work in developed countries follows APAC in few years. So it’s good to have some data in hand.

You have opened a new Office in New York, How does the USA fit into your global business strategy?

The USA is a big Force when it comes to digital ad world, approx 60% of the revenue derives alone from the USA for the global industry. That’s the reason why we are investing heavily in the US and started an office over there. We will be hiring a couple of locals (Sales Guy) there so they start getting more and more sales to us.

Local talent understands the market better and hence can add more value to the business than India.

Any Plans to expand to European Markets?

Yes, we already have a technical office in Sweden and plan to set up a sales office in Germany also by this financial year.

Where can people contact or reach you there?

One can get in touch with us by dropping a mail at – ramneek@xapads.com