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XRTB is the Innovation You Were Waiting For

Xapads CEO,  Mr. Nitin Gupta explains why XRTB is an answer to all your digital advertising woes.

This year’s biggest technology event Adtech is just around the corner. Adtech is an interactive platform for veterans in media, technology and advertising worldwide. This event allows the industry to explore and analyze key innovations and trends in the advertising field. It also offers a myriad of learning opportunities. Adtech is India’s biggest marketing and technology event and this 8th version will help hone the digital market space.

Xapads Media is the platinum sponsor of Adtech this year and we will be focusing on our XRTB platform by discussing path breaking techniques which are evolving the existing digital ecosystem. With its creative and futuristic theme “The post advertising era” Adtech 2018 will focus on the artistic use of technology to help people drive their business ahead.

Xapads has undergone marvelous transformation since we stepped into the industry. We have been the pioneers of revolutionizing the media landscape since then. And we have evolved beyond digital advertising to RTB. Real-time bidding aka RTB is referred to the auctions facilitated by ad exchanges or supply side platforms for the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in frequent time intervals.

As our CEO Nitin Gupta says, “The industry is fighting hard with ad-fraud and being one of the reputable players, we are doing all that we can to clean this ecosystem. We have partnered with Pixalate, on both PreBid and PostBid, to ensure only genuine and converting traffic flows from our end”.

“We also use DMPs to gather information about the visitor to serve highly targeted ads in order to get more value for money for our advertisers. Being India’s first fully programmatic ad: tech company, we at Xapads think there is a massive need to protect publisher inventory. We have adopted the acknowledged ADS.TXT inventory as well the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” he adds.

Talking about the recent expansion of Xapads to the US, South East Asia, and European market we at Xapads also offer our services in programmatic media buying. This helps companies achieve more fruitful results. With the use of smarter audience techniques, global reach, programmatic exchange and RTB compliance we offer the best results for advertisers and agencies in the global market. Our paradigm over time has shifted from ‘People Driven Approach; to ‘Algorithm Driven Approach’ which ensures enhanced results.

Over the past few years, Xapads media is associated with Adtech and is proud to be the sponsor again. We feel it is the best platform for media marketers to develop and take their business ahead. “Exciting times lie ahead for the industry as the Digital Ad Spend is growing in double digits and more ad spent is now happening programmatically. Being a niche and leading player in this segment, we are looking for faster penetration and growth across the globe,” Mr. Nitin Gupta said.

He further adds “With our Singapore and New York office in action, we are looking to scale in APAC and America. With another office in Germany in the pipeline this year, we are all set to tap the European market as well”.