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Tips for Successful Mobile Advertising In 2016

As 2015 is about to close its books, it’s high time to reflect on what we had considered and what should be on the next chapter. Here are few tips which summarize the strategies which shall help marketers in making success stories in 2016:

Respect the User

Cell phones or all other mobile devices are extremely private. The users want to control that where, when and how they interact with brands or Ads on their devices. So gift the user the commandment. Mobile Ads should be optional so the user can decide whether or not to connect with the brand’s message. The mobile Ads should be easy for users to dismiss, with a close option. If the Ad unit captures some content on the page, devise the ad so it fades away when the user scrolls and fades in only when the user stops scrolling.

Use Mobile-Friendly Ad Formats

Desktop Ads may look good on tablets, but they don’t go well on smartphone screens. So use those Ad formats which are mobile-friendly in nature like the IAB Rising Star adhesion unit. Adhesion units look pretty great on any mobile device because they capture just 10% of the screen and are located at the bottom in either portrait or in landscape mode.

Target the Right Audience

Powerful results never matter if the wrong viewers are reacting. The best advertising solutions providers have strong behavioral data that can be targeted both on mobile and desktop. Mirror imaged models can be articulated to target scalable audience sections who are most likely to be interested in a brand’s message and respond positively to it.

Keep Users Engaged

Once you have successfully targeted the desired viewers with mobile-first Ad formats and the audience has started responding to your Ad, it’s time to keep them engaged with the brand’s message and not forcefully hit them. One great way to keep users engaged is to use video format as the key act in the creative. Presently, the users gradually started watching more videos on mobile. It has been observed that showing multiple videos is even additionally effectual. Make video which is highly interactive . . . invite users to discover a brand via photo galleries, product showcases, feature demonstrations and maps with directions to the nearest store. Including all these, you have served the flawless dish for deep and constructive user engagement.

Use the Right Analytics

Track results that don’t truly reflect the positive impact on brand metrics and sales lift. On smartphones a remarkable percentage of clicks are accidental or unintentional. Some more advanced metrics such as engagement rate, time spent and interaction rate are really helpful in analyzing the user’s attention to a brand’s message, because without the correct analysis you will be unable to eat fruits of your efforts. In spite of everything, it’s profound user engagement that causes customers to identify, adore and buy a brand.

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

According to this old adage, don’t think too much while creating Ads because drinking water is more effective than drinking wonderful water. Providing seamless user experience shall be priority. Make customers feel that they are getting pure value of what they are buying. Keep things pure and authentic.

These tips will surely make you win the race in 2016. Good luck.