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How to Block Ad Blockers?

Saying that use of Ad Block is increasing, users want free web content but do not want Ads, digging all the possible strategies to reduce rate of Ad blocking is now talk of the olden time for the industry which works in seconds. Why Linger? Run for your desires. A war machine to have a strong take on Ad Blockers is need of the time. We have brought for you some latest weapon in the line to engage the people who block Ads.

These tactics are like a deal of publishers with consumers that are most likely to be successful when implemented as it suggests something which is a step ahead of the Ad Blockers out there. Here they are:

Grab Attention

Send message to users who have Ad Blockers activated on their devices. Run an attractive educational campaign to aware the user about advertising’s role in presenting the free content. Or simply, warn visitors that how publishers may punish or limit Ad blocking.

Deny Site Access

As soon as you detect a blocker, immediately use ‘access denial’. Serve a message clarifying why the access has been denied. But, there is a high risk of website migration here so we recommend going with this if you own a unique and much loved site.

Pay the Ad Blockers

If some extra coins are dancing in your pocket then pay the Ad Blockers; Yes, Ad Blockers are making money off Ads these days. Fix this deal and win that deal because sometimes you have to blend in to stand out.

Pay the Visitors

Obviously, visitors are not here to watch your full Ad for free. Everyone’s time has some value, reward them for watching Ads. Give some extra free games, free game coins, extra content and the highest limit is cash