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Effect of Ad-Blocking on Online Ad Industry and How to Treat the Same

Ad blocking is a definitely not a new fear for marketers. A lot of people are downloading ad-blocking software to every day and closing a pop-up is practically intuitive. Here are few reasons of Ad Blocking:

Reason of Ad-Blocking

The Rise of Ad Blockers

Ad Blocking software are meant to stop serving the Ads which ultimately limits advertisers’ prospective views or Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Payments are made only when Ads are served. This clearly states that publishers aren’t being paid for visits to their site from any browser that has an ad-blocker installed.

Because of this, the publishers are set to lose near about 10% of total Ad revenue due to Ad blockers. This is a fact that Ad blockers are going to rise continuously but remember one thing, Ad Blocking is not foolproof; some software providers charge advertisers and publishers so that their Ads are not blocked.

Ad blocking has seen worldwide growth of about 41% over the past few months with almost 200 million people using ad-blocking software. The in-built Ad-blocking mechanism in iOS9 gave wind to this concept.

What Advertisers & Publishers Can Do To Rescue Their CPM From Ad Blocking?

Ad blocking software took birth to live longer and has the potential to pessimistically impact both advertisers and publishers. But ‘Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way’. So, there are few things that you can adopt to rescue the cost per impressions (CPM).

Craft the Right Message

Crafting the right message is indeed important. Confirm and re-confirm that you really know your customers. Never ever rely on third-party data, which is frequently old and untrustworthy. First party data is way more exact for the purpose of developing and serving appropriate Ads in order to target the right audience.

Be There at the Right Time

Real-time marketing is important as well. Patrons prefer to buy from a brand when they are in a buying mind-set. Connect all your channels so that you never miss a chance to get in touch with customers when they are in the market for purchasing your product.

Have a Strong Grip on Native Advertising

Native Ads have emerged as a great way to connect with the consumers who have already installed Ad-blocking software. It has also been observed that consumers share more native Ads then banner Ads. In fact, views come more in native Ads than banner Ads. And by conducting experiment with native, you are helping to advance the field of digital marketing in a new and drastic way.

It is damn natural that consumers will find pop-ups and display advertising disturbing and are willing to take the steps to block it. But, by committing to use quality data to make quality decisions about whom and when to target, you are responsibly doing your part to keep advertising relevant.