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Ad-tech Conference – A cohesive platform to learn and teach

Ad-Tech is primarily an amalgamation of the different facets of marketing, technology and media communities. The conference which aims to foster more unified partnerships, identifies the evolving times, and then envisages new strategies that will enable the industry to be well equipped to tackle the new challenges that might confront them in the near future.

The conference has gone from strength to strength, and this particular edition will witness an audience upward 7000 from around 64 countries. Additionally, exhibitors and sponsors which are well beyond 200 will join around 120 speakers representing the pioneers in brands from all around the globe. This superfluity of diversity is one platform where the audience will have direct access to the so-called suppliers.

The marketing teams all around the world are always in the pursuit to derive the best possible result for the money they have invested, and the expo floor is that opportunity to maximise the return on investment.

And where there is so much to learn, so much to discuss and so much to take home, there is also an opportunity to mix over a glass of wine, or across a game of table tennis. The entire focus should be on building networks and connections that will be immensely important anytime, anywhere in the future ahead. And the environment is such that people will be bound to shake off the lethargy and start the interaction to know people better.

In the age of a vibrant social media it has become mandatory to know the nuances that dictate this alternative media, and once again this ad-tech expo will help everyone present to navigate through the many different tools to tackle not only social media, but also to devise alternative strategies to achieve a greater reach.

And it is not just preaching and discussing, there are also opportunities to actually sit down and learn the tricks of the trade through the complimentary education by solutions and service providers like Skyhook, Cake, Skipstone, Workfront and Tealium.

Since this is an interaction between the pioneers, it is only justified to mention the dignitaries present there representing us.

Mr.Nitin Gupta, CEO, Xapads is responsible for the strategic direction, planning and execution.

Mr.RamneekChadha, VP, International Sales has been responsible for creating and providing the digital media a new look.

Mr.RohitArora, VP, Technology has tremendous acumen when it comes down to building technical skills to facilitate successful execution of the companies policies.

Mr.Pradhjinder Ahuja, VP, Products is a veteran in many ways, and has unmatched potential when it comes to translating marketing strategies into digital execution.