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The emergence of Video Advertisement in India with Xapads Media.

In few years everything has become digitalized and the value of video advertising has risen among all channels of Advertisement through all means. Video Advertising was limited to $13 Billion in the year 2015 and has grown 80% to $23.78 Billion in the year 2017 worldwide.

After making it large worldwide, it was the time for this high tide to touch shores of Indian industry. With enlargement in Cellular data and other connectivity means, India is already seeing and expected as a big contributor to the constant growth of Video Advertisement.

Xapads Media, known for bringing home latest technology is committed to make India a new hub for Video Advertising.

Some of our high pointer while offering Video Advertisement Solutions:

Opportunities for Advertisers: 

  1. View-ability: An advertisement is not effective until it has a good visibility. We take special measurements to ensure that videos ads served by us get the highest possible visibility. We’re integrated with industries well known quality tools such as Pixalate / IAS which makes sure that the highest standard of view-ability is maintained.
  2. Choice of Medium: Video advertising is conquering all screen sizes from Connected TVs to Mobile Devices. Xapads Media offers clients the medium of their choice. They can choose from various mediums like CTV, Desktop, Mobile Web and In APP to run their video advertising. Video advertising on these mediums is supported by us. Thanks to our technology partners like SpotX, Streamrail, Cedato and Zedo.
  3. Ad formats: We support multiple ad formats & advertisers can choose from various formats like Pre-Roll, Mid Roll, Post Pre-Roll, In Banner Videos (IBV) & Native/In Articles.
    • InStream Video Ads: Pre-Roll ads run before the video content. Mid-Roll ads run somewhere in middle of the video content. Post-Roll video ad plays after completion of the content.
    • OutStream Video Ads: This format is known as Native or In-Article Video Ad. It is an ad format that comes in the action when a user navigates to a particular part of the page or content. This allows Advertisers to expand their reach far beyond video players, to publishers of editorial content like TOI, India Today, Zee Group. Ads like these can boost in branding efforts as it appears part of the editorial content.
  4. Targeting: We’re technically capable of targeting wide demographics across multiple geos & screen sizes to reach your potential customers. From top tier websites to RON & from small city like chandigarh to a whole counrty. We can target it all on virous mediums like CTV, Desktop & Mobile.
  5. Great reach of Publishers: With our deep roots in the Display industry, we bring a big pool of tier 1 and tier 2 publishers. We have been taking initiative in presenting technology to tie the gap between Demand and Video content.
  6. Flexible Pricing Model: All media plan have different requirements, we are tech and supply ready to offer CPM (Cost Per 1000 Views), CPVV (Cost Per Video Views) and CPCV (Cost Per Completed Views).

Technology First:

Technology plays a very significant role in keeping you a step ahead, a right tech tool joint with good inventory guarantee campaign’s success.

Our tech is well supported by front-runners of the market. To guarantee best possible results beside every money spent on a campaign we are assisted with below-mentioned tech partners.


Commitment of Quality:

Videos and Advertisement are too affected by duplicitous activities and we find this as our responsibility to control any In-Valid Traffic (IVT). We invest hugely in making sure that any traffic served through us is validated through a market standard of fraud detection. We’re proud to partner with market’s best traffic quality assurance tools such as

Xapads Media understand your necessities and offers one end solution for Video Advertisement. We bring in latest tech, wide proficiency (Worldwide), and reach all under one name.

Have confidence and trust in us & visit us to plan your next Video Campaign.

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