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A Scary Halloween Evening at Xapads!

Everyone needs some time off work to mingle with their colleagues and form a bond. And we feel a great way to bring your staff together and highlight your company’s culture is to celebrate together. At Xapads we try to make every celebration grand, and this year for the first time we had a Halloween […]

Xapads Turns 13: Employees Speak

Employees are an organization’s biggest asset. They reflect your organization and often their happiness tells you how they feel at work. We at Xapads believe that your organization is your second home and it should feel like one. We have completed 13th years this time and over this span of time, we have learned the […]

Essentials of a Good Work Culture

Company culture is the personality of a company as it defines the environment in which employees work. It includes a variety of elements like work environment, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. In today’s corporate culture transparency and flexibility are very important. This not only attracts talent but also drives employee’s happiness, performance and ultimately increases the […]

Helping Employees Perfect the Work-Life Balance

Haven’t we all often heard the saying ‘all work no play, makes Jack a dull boy’. In the current scenario it holds true for most people who work away odd hours and try to manage their personal lives too. For many employees a work-life balance, especially in Indian work environment, is a distant dream. Many […]

Women at Xapads: Breaking Stereotypes

PM Narendra Modi has recently said in one of his speeches that “Who are we to empower women, they are already empowered”. Yes, in Xapads Media we work with strong commitment to promote gender parity in workforce. Our team is stronger wherever and whenever the women are present. They bring rich, healthy and diverse standpoints […]

Why Join Us?

As a rapidly growing company, we’re committed to the success of our employees as we are a core believer that employees carry out their best work when they feel appreciated. Our reimbursements just go beyond the basics; they are tailor made to support you in your profession as well as your life outside Xapads. It’s […]

Starting new year with new goals at new workplace

We believe in miracles . . . we trust our instincts . . . we always step forward . . . We are Xapadians. We have already fastened our belts to empower 2016 . . . a new year with a major transformation. Xapads Media Pvt. Ltd. is now at its new address, with amplified […]

Careers at Xapads

There is this belief that in order to be successful one needs to be at the right place at the right time. The moment you step into Xapads you will feel as if this was the moment you have been waiting for. Growth is only possible when there is the sense of belonging, and here […]

Life at Xapads

It is that indomitable spirit that defines an endless drive for excellence that molds us, an evolving culture that integrates us here at Xapads. The Ethos that we follow For us, work is an amalgamation of passion coupled with the urge to grow. But, then every other organization claims to possess these virtues, but for […]