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Viewability of Digital Ads: The fastest growing bad child of digital world

According to reports as far as 56.1% of Ads are remain unseen by the audience. Digital Advertising has been considered as the most efficient of all mediums since it came under the scanner. Not a matter of surprise as Advertising has always had to compete with the challenge of winning a users’ attention at the […]

How to Improve Real-Time Bidding Ecosystem

2016 will gain investment in programmatic Ad inventory. With a huge change in industry (more is yet to come), the programmatic Ads are sold in a four stage priority; First come the ‘Automated Guarantee’ which use technology to reproduce the favorable pricing. Second comes the unreserved fixed rates, third Invitation-only Auction and at the bottom […]

The growing menace of Ad Injection

The online advertisement industry it seems can never breathe a sigh of relief. It is confronted with perennial challenges and numerous hurdles that it must devise solutions to stay afloat. The most recent challenge is proving to be a menace more for the publishers as compared to the marketers. Fraud detection companies which are already […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages: The New Hot Cake

The slow and almost infuriatingly abysmal time taken by mobile pages to load has today become the problem the entire industry is grappling with. Hence, in order to rid this menace, Accelerated Mobile Pages was devised. Google has stated the use as: “A goal of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effective ad […]

Business Standard recognizes the importance of AllaboutWomen.in as a women-centric beauty Blog

Renowned news website Business-Standard.com on its publication of 23rd of November mentions a lot about beauty blogs and their significance these days. In a discussion with Business Standard reporter; Co-Founder of AllAboutWomen.in Mrs. Anupriya stated “Online blogs connect a fashion blogger to her readers easily as people today want quick information and easy ways to […]

Ad-tech Conference – A cohesive platform to learn and teach

Ad-Tech is primarily an amalgamation of the different facets of marketing, technology and media communities. The conference which aims to foster more unified partnerships, identifies the evolving times, and then envisages new strategies that will enable the industry to be well equipped to tackle the new challenges that might confront them in the near future. […]

The Downward Slide of Contextual Ads

Contextual advertising is advertising on any website that is targeted to a specific individual visiting the site. The keywords that are so vital for any website are scanned by the contextual ad system and then they come up with relevant advertisements for that website. Often, contextual advertising is used by different search engines to display […]

Native ads following the route of Pop-up Ads?

Native advertisement as a concept gained widespread prominence somewhere around 2012. When the users and publishers were slowly getting riled by the banner ads, native advertisement still in its infancy was slowly getting a foothold. Native advertising is a type of online advertising, where in the function and the form present on any platform matches […]

Festive Season is here and we are Ready !!!

Greetings and wishes look more glorious when mixed with success. In this pre-festive occasion, we just necessitate you to know that we have packed ourselves with sweets, fireworks and are ready to go that extra mile for you. More and More Inventory We need you to put your best to close big ROs at your […]

RTB (Real Time Bidding) Explained: Pros and How RTB is changing digital advertising?

RTB or Real Time Bidding, is essentially a programmed (automated) technique by which devices like mobile or desktop, among other advertising inventory is either purchased or sold by means of many technology platforms, which include supply-side platforms (SSP) or/and advertisement exchanges. Now, this process might sound as one complicated process, but on a closer look […]