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Video Advertising Glossary

Video Ad industry is growing very rapidly. This growth brings new terminologies with it & keeping up with terminology surrounding Video advertising is no easy task. We’ve shortlisted some of the commonly used terminologies. This glossary will help you stay in-the-know. Don’t forget to Bookmark this link. ad completion  an ad completion event occurs when a video […]

Key Advantages to Video Advertising

Online video is one of the fastest-growing channels of advertising, triggering heavy demand from brands for high-quality content. According to a report in Economic Today, the online video consumption has grown almost five times in the country in the last year. Reports claim that that people spend an average of 47.4 minutes a day viewing […]

GDPR and its impact on advertising!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to be imposed from 25th May 2018 in EU. Preliminary debates about the regulation began in 2012. By April 2016, the GPDR was formally adopted by the EU Parliament, with a two year alteration period. GDPR is expected to bring a great change in the way in which programmatic […]

The emergence of Video Advertisement in India with Xapads Media.

In few years everything has become digitalized and the value of video advertising has risen among all channels of Advertisement through all means. Video Advertising was limited to $13 Billion in the year 2015 and has grown 80% to $23.78 Billion in the year 2017 worldwide. After making it large worldwide, it was the time […]

Meet Team Xapads at Adexchanger Programmatic I/O, San Francisco

Adexhanger Programmatic I/O is the original and the largest programmatic media and marketing conference worldwide. It is an annual event in San Francisco and New York. This industry summit attracts thousands of marketing executives from top brands, media, publisher houses, advertising agencies and technology providers. These conferences are must to attend for the programmatic industry. […]

XRTB is the Innovation You Were Waiting For

Xapads CEO,  Mr. Nitin Gupta explains why XRTB is an answer to all your digital advertising woes. This year’s biggest technology event Adtech is just around the corner. Adtech is an interactive platform for veterans in media, technology and advertising worldwide. This event allows the industry to explore and analyze key innovations and trends in […]

Meet Team Xapads at Adtech 2018

Adtech is a premier event where marketing, technology and media communities strategize. Here, global leaders in this eco-system collectively share trends, insights and techniques that redefine the digital economy. It helps players in the market to discover the latest trends in the digital eco-system. Team Xapads is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the […]

Xapads Partners with Pixalate

Advertising online has many boons but the risk of fraudulent digital advertisements is real too! Often we hear about this a lot and we at Xapads believe that improving advertisement quality and gaining transparency in the industry is the need of the hour. And as a responsible organization, we are pleased to announce our strategic […]

Key Trends in Recruitment: 2018

Human Resource plays a very vital role in developing a company with their style of operations. Every year new trends come in because the HR department has to solve various issues and challenges. There are one too many candidates out there and to select the right one is getting tougher. Almost 92% of the recruiters […]

ADS.TXT – Authorized Digital Sellers

Authorized Digital Sellers (ads.txt) is an initiative started by IAB which aims at improving transparency in programmatic advertising by preventing unauthorized inventory sales. It helps the buyers to quickly identify who is a certified seller. Publishers have to create their own ads.txt files located on the root level of the web portal. Why is it […]